Works in Progress

Debut Novel
Quinn's family moves from town to town following her dad's career. That is... until he disappears. As Quinn and her mother get ready to make their next move, Quinn finds a letter from her missing father. She thought she lived an ordinary life dealing with teenage problems and just trying to get by in high school, but she has no idea that her whole life is about to be flipped upside down. 

Stay tuned for mystery, romance, and a little bit of magic :)

Untitled #1
A free verse poetry narrative describing the life of a teen male struggling to choose himself. His parents have planned his entire future and it's perfect, just not for him. He wants to do something different, but the risk is just too much to bare, both physically and emotionally. This verse novel touches on abuse, broken hearts, and depression. And although it's not a part of a series, there will be a connection between this book and Untitled #2!

Untitled #2
A free verse poetry narrative describing the life of a young adult female that has been dealt the hand from hell. She shares her experiences struggling with foster care, abuse, homelessness and more. This unplanned novel dives into the harsh realities that many deal with, but few talk about. It's the next book that every young woman needs to read!

Originally, this was my first verse novel, but I soon realized that there was another story that needed to be told too! So, this one will be a tad bit delayed.

Untitled Anthology
Upon realizing the lack of reading materials for chronic illness warriors, I have decided to team up with inspiring writers to share their stories with the world. It's important that there is a piece of non-fiction writing dedicated specifically to those dealing with mental and physical illnesses. This anthology will be a collection of letters written to the authors' younger self.

If you're interested in contributing, we are still accepting submissions!

Future Projects:
In addition to these four works in progress, I've got a long running list full of ideas for future novels! I'm hoping to get started on those as soon as I get the chance! Of course, I think this is enough work for now :)