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The time is here! I can't believe it, but this is the official announcement for my chronic illness anthology! Aren't you excited?!

Thanks to your love and support, I have been able to get all of the details ready way earlier than planned and I am excited to release the submission guidelines for the first book in my anthology series!

About the Anthology:
As I move forward in my chronic illness journey, it has become abundantly clear just how little reading material is out there for teens and young adults struggling with mental and/or physical illnesses. More specifically, I've found very little material dedicated to chronic illness warriors like myself.

Occasionally, I'll come across a great depiction of what it's like to live with an illness in a fiction book, but that's not what I'm looking for. Had there been a helpful book when I first started this journey, I believe that I would have learned how to accept my new life and cope with the new changes that my body would undergo earlier on in the process.

Since that wasn't the case, I've decided to team up with a myriad of writers and create something new! My goal is to help those struggling with similar problems and conditions, while also working towards ending the stigma against both mental and physical illnesses!

What I'm Looking for:
Ultimately, I am hoping to create a collection of letters from you to your younger self. This can be for a specific age, prior to your diagnosis, or in the early stages of your treatment plans. It's completely up to you!

In these letters, I would like to include a bit of helpful advice as well as inspiration. I don't only want to help educate others, but I want to inspire them too! So consider including how your life has changed since your diagnosis in a positive manner, how you stay positive despite your illness, or maybe even include ways to show yourself self-love. Don't force it though, we want your open and honest letters!

If you're interested in submitting a letter like this, we'd love to hear from you! Just take a moment to read through the guidelines below and shoot us an email at ivycirillobooks@gmail.com !

Submission Guidelines:
  • All forms of contact and submissions must be in English.
  • All letters should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents.
  • All documents should use the following specifics: 12 point text, Times New Roman font, single spaced lines, and one inch margins. 
  • In addition, please make sure that there is only one space after punctuation and one line in between paragraphs.
  • In the upper right hand corner of the first page, please make sure to include the letter's final word count as well as your contact information (i.e. name, address, phone number, email).
  • Letters should not exceed three pages in length.
  • In the same document, please include a brief introduction of yourself and how you think your letter connects with the theme.
  • Lastly, please include a brief author biography, less than six lines, as well as any publishing credits that you may have. And of course, feel free to include any and all links to your website or social media accounts, with the most important one marked with a star. 
  • Deadline: All submissions must be turned in to ivycirillobooks@gmail.com by June 5, 2017. 
Currently, we are scheduled to have all responses back to individual contributors by June 15, 2017. However, please note that we will respond as quickly as we can to each submission! We would like to publish as soon as possible, so there is a chance that our announcement date will be moved forward!

In the chance that we do not select your letter for this volume, please do not be discouraged. We plan to publish multiple volumes in a wide variety of additional topics. If we think that your submission would be a good fit for a different project, we will notify you immediately!

In addition, we appreciate your patience greatly! Since there is no reading fee, we encourage you to use this time to follow us on our various social media pages and interact with us as well as our existing followers! Doing so does not guarantee your piece will be published, but it will surely get you noticed :)

Although we do request that all submissions are polished to the best of your abilities prior to being submitted, we do understand that there are bound to be a few errors along the way. With that being said, we do plan to request editing suggestions from each author as well as additional beta and proofreaders. Additionally, each author will get a say in possible edits to their piece. Our ultimate goal is to create a cohesive book that fits together like a perfectly cut puzzle! Contributors are the heart and soul of this anthology, so we want to make sure that you feel respected and involved in the entire process!

Since the main mission of this anthology is to educate, inspire, and work towards ending the stigma against both mental and physical illnesses, we cannot ensure a large compensation package at this time. While we would love to pay each author individually, it's important to note that this is the first book of this series and we don't currently have a budget set up; and since we are planning to donate a percentage of royalties to a deserving cause, we are trying to keep our costs to a minimum. With that being said, please rest assured knowing that you will benefit from this publication!

Overtime, additional benefits may be added, but below you will find the current compensation package:
  • Each author will receive two personal copies of the publication: one paperback and one e-book.
  • Each author will receive a maximum of five e-book copies to give away in preparation for the book release or during the virtual book launch party.
  • Each author will help support a deserving cause, because 15% of all royalties will be donated to charity. 
  • Each author will have their author bio published in the back of the anthology, including one personal link.
  • Each author will have the chance to share their story and impact the community around them.
  • Each author will be able to add this publication to their current list of titles. This will help new authors make a name for themselves and previously published authors can keep the momentum moving in between publications. 
  • Each author will have the chance to meet other authors and form long lasting connections.
  • Each author will be extended the offer for additional exposure and collaboration opportunities on Ivy Cirillo Books and Perfectly Ambitious
  • Each author will benefit from the cross promotion between each contributors readership.
  • Each author will be able to participate in virtual book tours and other marketing events.
  • Each author will have the opportunity to order paperback copies in bulk at a discounted price for their website or author events.
Rights & Legal Information:
Although we will send a contract to each author upon acceptance, we have included a short list of important details. 
  • Each author must retain the rights to any and all materials submitted for consideration. It is imperative that authors do not violate any contract or copyright laws.
  • All authors agree that they will not transmit any materials that contain computer viruses or other harmful components that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, or intercept any system, data, or personal information. In other words, all submissions will be limited to the requested materials and simple text.
  • We will request first English-Language publication rights for any piece accepted for publication in the above anthology. However, we do not require rights to publish any submission as a standalone piece.
  • We will request the continuing, non-exclusive right to reproduce the author’s work as part of the specified anthology only. We only request these rights for reprints and future editions of the anthology.
  • For all work published with us, we will request the right to use contributing authors names, accepted work, and likeness in a fair and dignified manner, in connection with the advertising and promotion of the work. This includes, but is not limited to, social media platforms, blogs, and email lists.
  • After a set period of time following publication, authors will be able to publish their piece again under their own name. If they want to publish their piece in a larger collection of work, we just request that they mention it's initial publication within the above anthology.
  • Authors will always retain copyright ownership over their work.
  • We will only retain the copyrights for the collective work as a whole, and will acknowledge the authors as the copyright owners for their contributed works.
  • Submission to Ivy Cirillo Books constitutes acceptance of all conditions outlined above.
* Please note that we do retain the right to change, update, or add information to this list at any time. *

In case we missed something, or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us today!

If you're interested in this project, but don't want to submit a piece, that's ok too! There are lots of other ways that you can help support this new book!

If you happen to know of someone that you think would be interested in contributing, please share this post with them!

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