Weekly Writing & Reading Recap: February 27 - March 5

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It took a little while to get back on track, but I'm excited to announce that the Weekly Writing & Reading Recaps are back on!

Today was super productive! Not only did I organize all of my email accounts and respond to all of my emails, but I got a ton of blog posts finished too! You guys have no idea how many incredible guest blog post and author interviews are in the works! And after not reading for a while, I finally forced myself to sit down and get some reading in! If only everything I read and wrote went towards my daily word count :)

Page Count: 37
Word Count: 0

If you guys could see my to-do list for today, you'd be shocked! Honestly, I don't know how I always have so much to do, but today was no different! Just to give you an idea, heres a quick overview: medication, shower, post office, doctors office, Plato's Closet, Walmart, and packing. Then of course, I came home and responded to a couple of emails while also working on a few freelance gigs! After all was said and done, I put on my pj's and went to bed with my book!

Page Count: 33
Word Count: 0

I have been so freaking productive today! Not only did I work on a bunch of stuff at home, but I got a ton done blogging-wise too! In fact, I wrote/formatted at least 10 blog posts today! So I am absolutely beat! It's still a little early though, so I think I'm going to get some reading time in before bed. Wish me luck!

Page Count: 58
Word Count: 0

I don't know what's come over me lately, but I've been hella productive! And yeah, I just said that. Don't judge me. Anyways! Today, I managed to spend two hours on the phone figuring out some insurance/billing issues. Then, I managed to schedule almost all of my Pinterest pins for the month of April! Plus, I found time to post two pictures to Instagram. After that, I started planning something awesome; but it's a secret, so I can't tell you about it just yet! And let's just say, I went a tiny bit overboard so there was no time to read or write today :)

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

I know I've been working all day, but I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished. In reality, I know that I spent every waking moment doing research for a new blog post, but it doesn't feel that way. Rarely, do I end a day having only accomplished one thing. As I'm writing this, it's already midnight and I'm beat. Mentally I feel guilty that I didn't get any reading in, but I know I'll regret it if I don't go to bed right now. Fingers crossed I feel more successful tomorrow!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Although I'd like to say I got a ton done today, I can't :/ Instead, all of my time and energy went towards filing my state and federal taxes. And if that wasn't boring enough, we had to sift through receipts, medical bills, and pretty much every file in my office. All just for the IRS to reject our return twice! I'm just hoping tonight is the end of dealing with this!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Guys! Today has been SUPER productive! In preparation for my designated writing time, I've started getting all of my novel stuff organized. Well, today, I made 12 different worksheets for my new novel binders! I can't wait to finish them all and then share them with you in my shop! I'm so excited for this binder bundle to be used by so many amazing authors! Can you tell I'm excited? :)

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Weekly Wrap-up 
As I'm sure you can guess, I'm pretty upset with this weeks results. I was hoping to finish my book this week, but I've just had so much going on! And of course, it doesn't help that I've been taking extensive notes each time I read which is basically cutting my reading time in half. I know that it's only going to help my writing process, but I still can't help but complain. On the plus side though, I got a ridiculous amount of work done on one of my new products! I can't wait to test it out myself and share it with all of you too! Fingers crossed I'll get it done tomorrow :)

Page Count: x
Word Count: 0

Books Read: 128
Debut Novel Progress: 74 pages in
Second Novel Progress: 49 pages in
Third Novel Progress: 17 pages in
Anthology Progress: 4 pages in

What have you accomplished this week? Tell me in the comments!

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