12 Subscription Boxes for Bookworms That I Want for Myself!

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Nowadays, it seems like there's a subscription box for everything! I mean, you can find them for fashion, food, fitness, and so much more! What ever your niche may be, I'm sure they've got one for you!

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy to find one for myself. After hours of searching, a few one month subscriptions, and month's of disappointment; I came to the realization that I might just not be able to find one for myself.

Of course, once I started following a bunch of bookstagrammers on Instagram, I realized that I'd just been looking in all the wrong places! I was too busy looking at all of the one's that the lifestyle bloggers and youtube vloggers were posting about. I wasn't actually focusing on the things that I already love.

So, incase you're a bookworm like me and you've been looking in all the wrong places, I've gathered up a few of my dream subscription boxes. Take a look!

1. OwlCrate
Description: Before OwlCrate begins working on their boxes, they spend months reading early manuscripts from YA authors to ensure that each box includes a highly anticipated novel published within 45 days of receiving the OwlCrate box. Not only that, but they work with various small business to produce 3-5 other bookish related items to set the mood for the box. And of course, they include exclusive sneak peaks and items from publishers, authors, and OwlCrate themselves!

Price: A one month subscription is $29.99 + shipping and a three month subscription is $86.98 + shipping. 

Thoughts: As an aspiring author and avid reader, this is the box that I most easily recognize. I've heard of them for months and it was the first book subscription box that I looked into. I always see amazing bookstagram images of OwlCrate boxes and that's definitely what peaked my interest! And while I can't afford a subscription on my own, I would love to get one! Not only have I loved everything that comes in their previous boxes, but I love the idea of getting something special from the authors too!

2. BookCase.Club
Description: The BookCase.Club is a subscription box service for avid readers. Subscribers have the choice of choosing between eight different categories for their book selection. Readers can choose from the following: Thrill Seeker, Strange Worlds, Teenage Dreams, Read to Me, Blind Date, Booking for Love, Quarterly Cookbooks, or Quarterly Military History. Each category is delivered monthly unless noted otherwise. In addition, all boxes promise two new books except for the Read to Me case. Since it is full of children's books, BookCase.Club delivers four new books.

Price: A one month subscription is $9.99 + $5.00 shipping and a three month subscription is $28.00 + $5.00 shipping.

Thoughts: Overall, I would love to get this box! It would be hard for me to choose between a couple of the categories, but ultimately I think I'd end up getting the Teenage Dreams case. This is one of the few subscription boxes that only delivers books, but that's why the price is so affordable!

3. Literary Young Adult Box
Description: The Literary Young Adult Box is a part of the Quarterly Co. Subscription Box service. In addition to the YA box, they also offer Biohack, Culinary, Fiction, and Maker boxes too! In regards to the YA specific box, each box is curated by a different noteworthy YA author. Not only does the box include the authors most recent release with annotations, but each box also includes two other YA titles and other bookish goods!

Price: A quarterly subscription is $49.00 + shipping.

Thoughts: Seriously guys, this box sounds AMAZING! It's a little on the pricer side, but it sounds like it's 100% worth it! I already go crazy over signed books, so I don't know what I'd do if I got actual notes from an author! Needless to say, I want this box in my life!

4. BooklyBox
Description: According to their website, BooklyBox is the "#1 voted best book-of-the-month subscription on a mission to give a book to every child that is living in a less fortunate country." In fact, they've donated over 7.5K books to those in need. As for the actual box, it comes with one brand new hardcover book in your selected genre, a bookmark, a bag, and tea. Plus, they also include two awesome accessories. In addition, you'll receive a card detailing the donation you made, immediate access to their online book community, and a podcast episode for every book they send out. 

Price: A one month subscription costs $39.99, but each box is currently on sale for $29.99!

Thoughts: BooklyBox is a new subscription box that I've found and I would definitely love to try it! I love that they have various genre choices and you can change genres at any time! Plus, it looks like they always choose great accessories to include in the boxes which I definitely need! I mean, I'm an avid reader and I only own two bookmarks. That could all change with this subscription :)

5. LitJoy Crate
Description: According to their website, LitJoy Crate is "a simple, creative, and easy way to read more and more often!" The company actively tries to spread the joy of reading through box extras, reading tips, social media prompts, community, and service. With each box, subscribers will receive one book and two-three creative and quirky book related items. Plus, LitJoy donates book for book to local charities!

Price: A one month subscription is $29.99 + shipping and a three month subscription is $86.97 + shipping. 

Thoughts: For the longest time, I ignored LitJoy because I thought that they only sent out children's books. So, you can only imagine my surprise when I found out that they offer a young adult box too! Now that I know that, I would love to get a subscription with them! Especially after seeing the past YA books that they've sent out.

6. Uppercase
Description: According to their website, Uppercase has the "Most Trusted and Recommended Young Adult Monthly Subscription Box." In addition to their high praise, each box is filled with a collection of exciting materials including: incredible brand new, hardcover young adult book; signed book or bookplate signed by the author; 1-2 high-quality, exclusive and custom bookish items; Uppercase reading experience with exclusive content; and a special hand-written and personalized note to you.

Price: The Expert Plan described above is $23.00 per month + $6.50 shipping, while the Book Exclusive plan is $17.00 per month + $6.50 shipping. The latter comes with less, but it's currently on sale for $13.99 a month for a limited time! 

Thoughts: Honestly, looking at their past boxes, I'd sign up right away if I could! I have recently found an urge to buy every signed book I can find, so it would be amazing to have them sent right to my door! And for someone that frequently goes over her book budget, I love the two different plans they offer!

7. The Book(ish) Box
Description: The Bookish Box claims to be a "monthly subscription box for stylish bookworms." They work with small shops to bring you quality, usable items inspired by your favorite novels. Each box includes a shirt designed by Appraising Pages and 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items.

Price: Due to the fact that they have various boxes to choose from, a one month subscription can cost anywhere between $18.00 & $39.00, while a three month subscription box is between $50.99 & $361.

Thoughts: Originally, I had disliked the Book(ish) Box because the boxes didn't include books, but now that I know you can add them in, I'm all for them! Especially since they carry plus size monthly subscription boxes too! Oh and they have a diversity box coming out which is BEYOND amazing!

8. Book of the Month
Description: Book of the Month is a simple subscription box dedicated to readers. Each month the company announces the five book selection carefully chosen by their judges. Customers then have until the sixth of the month to mark their selection and the books ship out on the seventh. On top of that, subscribers also have the choice of adding extra books for $9.99 each.

Price: A one month subscription is $5.00 for the first month & $14.99 afterwards, or you can get a three month subscription for $9.99 a month and $14.99 a month afterwards. 

Thoughts: At first, I was a little turned off from this book subscription, for two reasons: the subscription only includes one book and the selection options can stem from any genre. Of course, after a little more research, I began liking the idea of this subscription box. For one, I learned that subscribers have the option of skipping a month if they don't find a book they're interested in, which is perfect! And sometimes, we just don't need the additional clutter that other subscription boxes provide. I know my husband has quite a few toys he doesn't actually play with from his past boxes, but he keeps them because he paid for them. Ultimately, I'd rather get a book I love then a bunch of stuff that I don't.

9. The Book Hookup
Description: The Book Hookup is Strand's first subscription program. Currently, they offer five different genres including: Art & Photography, Fiction, Young Adult, Political Nonfiction, and Feminist Literature. Each box ships quarterly and promises one signed first edition book as well as various gifts from Strand's partners.

Price: A one month subscription can cost between $30.00 & $50.00 depending on the genre selected.

Thoughts: I hadn't heard of this subscription box before, but I'm glad that I stumbled upon it! I've checked out some of their past boxes and I really think I'd like the Young Adult/Budding Bookworm Box! So far they've sent out some awesome books and I've already read a few of them, so I know they have good taste :)

10. Beautiful Madness Book Case 
Description: Each month, there will be a handpicked book and there will always be a snack and a make-able drink (i.e. coffee, tea, or hot cocoa). In addition, the Beautiful Madness Book Case box will also include 2 to 3 items that complement the theme of the book.

Price: A one month subscription is $39.00 and a three month subscription is $114.00. Shipping & tax not included.

Thoughts: I really want to try this box, but I'm afraid that it would be hit or miss for me. I don't really drink anything other than water or sprite and I'm a pretty picky eater. Not only that, but it doesn't seem like there is a clear genre of books that go out. I was hoping to get a better idea of what's in the boxes on their shop page, but I believe the page only consisted of the original listings to their past boxes rather than pictures of the actual contents. Nevertheless, I'd still be interested in trying it out! I can aways save the drinks and snacks for guests and use the book to check off one of my #ICBReadingChallenge2017 prompts :)

11. The Bookworm Box
Description: The Bookworm Box is a subscription box created by well-known author Colleen Hoover. Boxes ship out once a month and each box promises two autographed books, one Bookworm item, and bonus book swag. Plus, all proceeds go to charity! Colleen's team has already managed to donate over $850,000!

Price: A one month subscription is $39.99 + shipping.

Thoughts: Even though I'm not a big romance reader, I'd love to get one of these boxes! I read a lot in this genre when I was younger and I'd love to get back into it! Plus, I love the idea of helping charity too! And did I mention the box is purple?!

12. MyBookBox
Description: MyBookBox is a monthly subscription box for all ages! Each box promises two books from your preferred genres. Subscribers can choose two different genres from the following selection:   Children 3-7, Children 8-12, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Mystery, and Women's Fiction. In addition to  the two books, each box will come with something special for the recipient and exclusive content, when available!

Price: A one month subscription is $39.95 and a three month subscription is $36.95 per month. 

Thoughts: Honestly, I had never heard of this box before, but I think it's a great subscription program! Not only can you get a book for yourself, but you could get one for your little as well. Of course, you could always share your box with a friend or family member too! And if you're like me, then you can keep both books for your self and continue building that spectacular library that I know you have :)

Ok, so I'm not going to lie to you guys. This blog post ended up being A LOT longer than planned! Truthfully, I had no idea just how many book subscription boxes were out there. And believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg! I checked out a few dozen websites and their social media accounts before finalizing my list and there's still a bunch I didn't check out! Nevertheless, I've found a bunch of great ones that I knew I needed to share with you! And if I could get one of each, I would!

So tell me, which subscription box is your favorite? Write it in the comments below!

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  1. The Bookworm Box. I LOVE it. Great surprises every month and the money goes to Charity. Thank you Colleen Hoover. Your amazeballs!