101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers: Number 1

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One of the reasons that I debated starting this website was because I wasn't sure what I would write about. I was too scared to post excerpts of my current WIP since it's still a rough draft and I didn't want to give anything away. As you can see though, I decided to build the website anyways!

Well, I soon ran into that problem that I knew I would - I don't know what to write about. After reading multiple blogs, and hundreds of blog posts ideas, I finally found something interesting. I stumbled across the tag "101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers" on the No Page Left Blank blog

Once I read a few of them, I realized that they all linked to Julie Jernigan's blog, Julie Writes. There, I saw her post, "101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers - Part 1." I hadn't heard of Julie or her work before, but I have to admit, she had a pretty great list of ideas! So, I decided to participate in the blog tag too!

1. What is your favorite quote and why?

Even though I have a handful of favorite quotes, Matthew 6:34 will always be my favorite!

If you guys read my other blog, Perfectly Ambitious, then you know that I'm a child of God. Not only that, but I also struggle with anxiety. And boy, do I not handle that well! I am constantly worrying even though I know that I shouldn't be.

So, when I came across this verse, it hit close to home. So much so, that I've seriously considered getting it tattooed on my wrist. Which, if you know me, is a pretty big deal - because I HATE needles!

That's just how much it means to me though!

Matthew 6:34 reads:

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

This verse is a reminder. I'm able to look back at it when I'm overwhelmed with anxiety and it helps soothe me. I know that I'm able to cast my anxieties onto God and that gives me a little bit of peace. Of course, it doesn't rid me of my fears and worries, but it does help.

What's your favorite quote? Tell me in the comments!

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