Cover Reveal: The Precious Ruby

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Guys, I've recently connected with author C. Renee and I'm honored to be revealing her new book cover!

As a gemstone lover myself, I am already drawn to the cover and I hope you are too! Plus, I've realized that almost all of the books on my shelf are black, so this one would fit right in!

If your interested in ordering book one of The Precious Trilogy, you can pre-order it here!

Release Date: January 10, 2017
Print Length: 182 Pages
Genre: Romance
Format: E-book

At twenty-five, Louise Carter has lived a life beyond her years; she has endured emotional and physical abuse and has now found the courage to leave her biker ex-boyfriend.

When Louise moves back into town and in with her best friend, all aspects of her life start to fall into place until something unexpected happens ... she meets Alex, a rich playboy and known womanizer.

Alex wonders whether he has met Louise previously as she piques his interest in ways no other woman has before…

Will Louise fall for his fake personality, or will she have time to fall for the real one?

Just as the minutes tick by I go from yes, I will go with Jax, to no because I can’t keep running.

There is about twenty minutes left before Jax needs the answer and my phone buzzes.

I jump back, on edge.

I look at the caller ID and its Alex.

Jesus, does this guy ever stop? I can’t talk to him now. I have to keep him safe too, even though he doesn’t deserve it after the stunt he pulled last night. I can’t keep ignoring him, I have to face my fears and tell him goodbye. Then that’s when it hits, I have to go back to Matt and face whatever he has in mind for my punishment.

I reach over and place the phone to my ear. “Hello, this is Louise.” I’m putting on a brave act, hopefully he doesn’t see straight through it.

“Hey Louise, it’s so good to hear your voice,” he breathes through the other end of the phone, like he can finally breathe again.

“Ah, yeah, so why … um… did you call me after what you pulled last night?” I wait for his answer, taking him longer than usual.

“Right, well about that, I don’t know. I know I fucked up, no pun intended, but I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He chuckles at his joke.

“Seriously, this is how you are going to act, after everything? Look, I know nothing has happened between us, but maybe I had a little hope, knowing your reputation around town, but after last night, you can forget it. Just as well, I’m leaving town. You won’t hear from or see me again. I hope you’re happy.” Before I give him a chance to reply, I hang up the phone. I’m fuming, so angry at the events that have taken place tonight, the only option I have is to go back to Matt. I bring up the new contact that Jax gave me and send a text saying:

Hey, I can't. I know I have to go back and I will. 
Stay safe. 
L xo

About the Author:
C.Renee is a new author to town; Australian born and bred, she loves reading and writing romance novels and when she doesn’t have her head in the books, C.Renee spends quality time with her boyfriend.

Through her love of writing she hopes to inspire her readers and to one day travel the world.

If you want to follow up with the author or purchase a copy of her book, please follow these links:

Will you be pre-ordering The Precious Ruby? Let me know in the comments!

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