Weekly Writing & Reading Recap: March 27 - April 9

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It took a little while to get back on track, but I'm excited to announce that the Weekly Writing & Reading Recaps are back on!

Guys, I have been so ridiculously busy lately! On top of all of my normal responsibilities, I've officially launched the call for submissions for my anthology AND I've been working on a personal book of poetry. Not only that, but I also decided late last night that I was going to open up a new shop! And guess what?! This one will be all things bookish! I've spent the entire day driving around antique stores and thrift shops looking for my first batch of inventory and I've got to say, it's pretty damn great! I can't wait to share it with you all!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 184

Today has been pretty productive if I may say so myself! I have managed to finish my first load of inventory for The Littlest Book Shop and I have got the shop all set up too! Plus, I met an amazing group of people during my trips to various thrift stores and antique shops. Shout out to the ladies at Life-Savers Mission Thrift Store! Our conversation was moving :)

Page Count: 63
Word Count: 238

I'm so excited for what's to come! I've been working on my new book store and my current works in progress too! In fact, I went ahead and signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and I'm determined to finish my book of poetry during camp. Of course, I know that there will be lots of editing and beta reading required, but I still can't help but be excited! The world is my oyster!

Page Count: 401
Word Count: 900

I can't believe it, but I'm almost halfway done with my book of poetry! Not only that, but I've managed to work on some poetry and prose for two other books as well! Of course, I'm not counting those in my word count for now. Those are projects for another time and I can't let them distract me! Nevertheless, I'm so incredibly proud of where I stand with my work right now! I will definitely finish my goal this round of Camp NaNoWriMo and I'm excited to see how it turns out :)

Page Count: 40
Word Count: 210

Guess who hit the 50% mark on their Camp NaNoWriMo project today?! This girl! Yup, I don't know how I'm writing so quickly, but this book is coming together faster than I had even hoped for! Not only that, but I also managed to get some more ideas together for my other books too! Guys, I don't think I've ever experienced inspiration like this before, but I'm going to take advantage of it for as long as I possibly can!

Page Count: 194
Word Count: 286

Today has been extraordinarily productive and I'm so incredibly proud of myself! I've been in contact with two different poets about possible book reviews/author interviews on the blog. Plus, I've managed to cross at least ten things off of my most recent to do list! Not only that, but I'm making some amazing progress towards my poetry memoir and I can't wait to see the final product! I really hope I can keep the momentum up tomorrow :)

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 179

Although today started off a bit slow, I have to say it's going pretty well! I am making amazing progress on my writing projects and I started a new book today too! I'll be attending a book festival this month, so I thought I'd grab a couple books from the presenting authors and I'm pretty happy with my selections! Honestly, things are really looking up for me and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me!

Page Count: 106
Word Count: 390

Weekly Wrap-up 
These last few weeks have been a little crazy, so this week's stats are actually a combination of the last two weeks. There were a few days that I forgot to log everything and it lined up perfectly that I could just pick up where I left off on the previous week's blog post. So besides slacking a little bit on my logs, I'd say that I'm pretty excited with my progress over the course of the last two weeks! I've managed to read a ton and write a bunch too! Fingers crossed I can keep up this pattern :)

Page Count: 804
Word Count: 2,387

Books Read: Uncaged Wallflower, Milk and Honey, the princess saves herself in this one, It's Not Okay with Me, Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately.
Debut Novel Progress: 80 pages in
Second Novel Progress: 49 pages in
Third Novel Progress: 20 pages in
Anthology Progress: 4 pages in
Poetry Memoir: 111 pages in

What have you accomplished this week? Tell me in the comments!

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