Author Interview: E. Rachael Hardcastle - Part 3

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Every now and then, I like to take a moment to introduce an author to all of you! With this interview series, I've come to know an amazing group of writers and I want you to know them too! 

For today's installment, I've had the pleasure of interviewing author E. Rachael Hardcastle! According to her website, she's a "dreamer, a deep thinker, a bookworm and grammar nerd."

Of course, I know we all want to know more than that! That's why I've sent her an in-depth questionnaire with 75 of the most intriguing questions I could come up with! And since E. Rachael is an amazing interviewee, she took the time to answer every single one of them! So not only do we get one interview with E. Rachael, but we actually get three!

In case you missed the earlier segments, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here!

About the Author:
  • If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why? Any of Mitch Albom's books, particularly The Time Keeper and The Five People You Meet In Heaven. They are beautiful and inspiring.
  • What do you think your biggest accomplishment has been? In less than 12 months I have been on the radio and the television for my writing, I have almost reached my 2000 sales/downloads goal and I have met some wonderful people through my author interviews and podcast, The White Room.
  • What’s your next big goal? To re-write and release Eternity, book four in my Finding Pandora series. I also plan to re-publish the books as one volume.
  • What’s something that no one knows about you? I don't think I'm much of a mystery but I'll admit I hate being the centre of attention. When you're promoting books and speaking in public is hard to avoid! I'm an introvert.
  • Do you have any hidden talents? I'm lucky to be a writer because I can't draw, play a musical instrument or sing very well! I did learn to play the cup song like Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect with a plastic cup as a bit of fun. It's now my party trick.
  • What’s one thing that you think you’re horrible at? I'm an author so obviously I think I'm horrible at writing. I think this is something we all fear.

About Being an Author:
  • What’s one thing you’d be willing to give up to become a better writer? I don't think giving up anything can make you a better writer. Perhaps time spent on other activities like watching TV.
  • If you could be mentored by another author, who would it be? Why? Stephen King, Mitch Albom, Brandon Sanderson; and all of them if possible, because they all have something unique to offer.
  • Do you have a favorite team member, beta reader, editor, or someone else you’d like to give a shout out to? Just to the authors who I have interviewed, to everyone who has purchased one of my books and left a review, those who have recommended me, anyone who left a testimonial, to all the authors who have featured and interviewed me. Finally to my family and friends.
  • Are there any big lessons that you’ve learned throughout your time as an author? I think I have gained some confidence. I've gained a lot of knowledge regarding marketing and promotion, networking and editing. I have learned the basics of fantasy map making. I don't think these are big lessons but they contribute to my progress.
  • What advice do you have for other writers? To believe in yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you can't or you're not worth it. You can be whoever and whatever you want and if that's to be a writer, then go for it.

About Your Book:
  • If you could get your book reviewed by anyone in the world, who would it be? Why? Bestselling authors of the same genre. I think their feedback and advice would help me massively.
  • Did you base any of your characters on real people? If so, who? No, but I have been told several times that Arriette Monroe and I are similar in personality. We also look alike – green eyes and dark hair.
  • If your book was turned into a movie, who would be your ideal cast? I have always imagined Alicia Silverstone as Baby A and Vin Diesel as Reiko, but none of my other characters have a clear match yet.

About Your Writing:
  • Do you want each of your books to stand on their own, or are you trying to create a connection between each of them? I hope each of my novels would be enjoyable on its own, but they are usually all part of a series that would be enjoyed more if read in order.
  • How many unpublished/unfinished books do you have? Countless!
  • Do you struggle with writing your own story versus writing what you think will sell? I never write to market, I just write what I love to read and what I think I'm best at.
  • Do you have any fun collaborations coming up? No, so far I haven't collaborated with anyone else.
  • If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would it be? Why? Any of my favorite authors but they are way out of my league!
  • What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer? I interview lots of authors from around the world every day and I hope that some day I can call them all my friends. We help one another and we support one another. I have learned a lot from them just as I hope I have taught them something too.

About the Process:
  • What type of research do you do for your writing? Depending on the genre, this varies but I tend to use books and the internet as sources or ask people who I know have experience in the topic.
  • Which publishing method did you go with? Why? Self-publishing because I wanted to learn everything and get some experience first. I love being in control of my publishing process but that's not to say I won't publish traditionally in future.
  • How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? I think you can work on a book until you're sick of seeing it, publish it and then still find errors or return to it in 12 months and cringe. My first book taught me how to edit and how to format, so I'll be eternally grateful for that.
  • What was the best money you ever spent as a writer? Money has been well spent on several things – my progress journal, my headset for my podcast, my reference books etc. You can publish for free but these additional resources are unavoidable.
  • What’s the craziest or most successful thing you’ve done to market your book? My television and radio interviews in 2016-2017. It was so much fun but very scary!
Author Bio:

E. Rachael Hardcastle is an author from the UK and she believes that through writing we face our darkest fears, explore infinite new worlds and realise our true purpose. She writes to entertain and share important morals and values with the world, but above all, she write to be a significant part of something incredible.

All of her fantasy and post-apocalyptic books face our planet's struggles because she believes that together we can build a stronger future for the human race.

In addition, she supports independent publishing so all of her stories are written, edited, formatted, and published by the author herself, offering a low-cost, epic adventure, and a memorable escape from reality for her readers.

If you want to follow up with the author or purchase a copy of her books, please follow these links: 

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