Weekly Writing & Reading Recap: January 9 - January 15

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It took a little while to get back on track, but I'm excited to announce that the Weekly Writing & Reading Recaps are back on! This week I accomplished more than I thought I could and I'm excited to share it with you all!

Today has been pretty productive, I've finished three blog posts for this website and one for Perfectly Ambitious! I even managed to get some reading time in and I've now crossed book three off of my list for this year's reading challenge

Page Count: 33
Word Count: 0

Today definitely didn't go as planned. What should have only been a short visit to the rheumatologist turned into a three hour visit. Luckily though, I had grabbed a book on the way out the door and I managed to finish the entire thing while I was there! Plus, I wrote a couple blog posts for Perfectly Ambitious! Then after dinner, I got in bed and read until I fell asleep :)

Page Count: 581
Word Count: 0

It's weird having days off, honestly I haven't had one in weeks, maybe even months! Normally, I would use this time to read, but it's Wednesday and I've already finished three books this week, so I figured it was time for a break. So today, I enjoyed watching TV and playing board games with my husband!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

While today was supposed to be all about writing, it did not go as planned! Instead, I had another doctor's appointment and this time it left me feeling horrible. I had to get my eyes dilated and my body did not react well. From that point forward, I had a raging migraine that didn't go away until well after midnight. So I spent all day in the dark just hoping that the pain would go away!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Today I finally got those book reviews done, so I can start reading again! I honestly can't believe I've read as much as I have this year, but I'm so excited to keep going! I feel guilty that I haven't gotten any real writing in, but I know that I'm happier reading good words than writing bad ones haha!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Today, my husband and I celebrated a birthday with a very special two year old and a bunch of our Navy friends! And afterwards, we enjoyed some awesome Italian food! Of course, once we were done, I was way too stuffed to do anything the rest of the night :)

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Even though today is scheduled to be my day off, I really needed to use it to work. So, I sent my husband and the pup out of the house in hopes to cross a couple of tasks off of my to do list! By the end of the night, I managed to schedule four blog posts for this blog and three blog posts for Perfectly Ambitious! Plus, I caught up on my Law & Order: SVU and a couple of my other shows too!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Weekly Wrap-up 
Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself this week! I might not have gotten any real writing in, but I did map out a ton of new information regarding my newest books! Plus, I somehow managed to start and finish reading three different books this week! And if this is any sign of how the new year will go, I can't wait to see what's in store for me!

Page Count: 614
Word Count: 0

Debut Novel Progress: 68 pages in
Second Novel Progress: 40 pages in
Third Novel Progress: 8 pages in
Anthology Progress: 4 pages in

What have you accomplished this week? Tell me in the comments!

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