101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers: Number 6

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One of the reasons that I debated starting this website was because I wasn't sure what I would write about. I was too scared to post excerpts of my current WIP since it's still a rough draft and I didn't want to give anything away. As you can see though, I decided to build the website anyways!

Well, I soon ran into that problem that I knew I would - I don't know what to write about. After reading multiple blogs, and hundreds of blog posts ideas, I finally found something interesting. I stumbled across the tag "101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers" on the No Page Left Blank blog

Once I read a few of them, I realized that they all linked to Julie Jernigan's blog, Julie Writes. There, I saw her post, "101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers - Part 1." I hadn't heard of Julie or her work before, but I have to admit, she had a pretty great list of ideas! So, I decided to participate in the blog tag too!

6. Your first memory of writing
Sometimes, I wish that I had come to the realization that I wanted to be a writer earlier than I actually did! Had that been the case, I might have saved some of my writing from when I was a kid!

Nevertheless, my first memory of writing goes all the way back to kindergarten! I remember it quite clearly too!

It was the first of the two elementary schools that I would attend and my teacher's name was Mrs. Kuykendall. She had us sitting in group tables waiting for her instructions. I had a three-pronged folder in front of me. It was turned sideways and I'm pretty sure it was blue too. Inside, there were multiple sheets of off-white paper with the extra wide lines for children. You know, the one's with a top and bottom line and a dotted line in the middle! To be honest, I can't recall what I was writing about, but I've got a feeling that it might have had something to do with cats :)

BONUS FACT: Mrs. Kuykendall organized a green eggs and ham day for my class and we didn't just read the book, but we ate green eggs and ham too!

What was your first memory of writing? Tell me in the comments!

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