Weekly Writing & Reading Recap: February 6 - February 12

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It took a little while to get back on track, but I'm excited to announce that the Weekly Writing & Reading Recaps are back on!

Today started out great! I finished my first book for the week and then I got to working on some new blog posts! I finished two for Ivy Cirillo Books and one for Perfectly Ambitious, plus I got started on  more than five others! Next up, I connected with some of my awesome readers on social media and then I started reading a new book!

Page Count: 176
Word Count: 0

My goal was to get a TON accomplished today, but things didn't go as planned. Story of my life. Anyways, due to a crazy storm, I had four crazy animals to deal with and a house that couldn't keep the lights on. So instead of working, I spent most of the day trying to keep everyone calm. Luckily, after my husband came home from work, everything calmed down and I was able to get some work in!

Page Count: 79
Word Count: 0

As some of you guys know, one of my symptoms is brain fog and short term memory loss. So as I'm writing this, I can't for the life of me tell you what I did today. Normally, I keep track of everything in my accomplishments journal, but I totally forgot to write it all down. For a split second, I thought that I remembered and I started typing it all out only to realize one thing: everything that I wrote actually happened last week. So here I am again, having no clue what I accomplished today. Crazy right?!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

My plan was to go get blood work done today, but that was just not happening! Unfortunately, my blood work requires me to go without eating, drinking, or taking my medications beforehand and that just was not a good combination for me today. So, I picked up some breakfast for myself and took the day off. Of course, my day off wasn't really a day off. I used my free time to talk to other authors in various Facebook groups and get some advice for a future project!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

Today I watched a couple episodes of Charmed and then forced myself to get my blood work done. Of course, it didn't go as well as I had hoped. The nurse ended up using a larger needle than usual and and then proceeded to spill blood all over my arm :/ Nevertheless, I still tried to get some work done when I got home. In fact, I searched all of my digital and physical files until I found a story that I worked on in high school. It took a lot of digging, but I think I've finally got an idea for my submission for a traditionally published anthology!

Page Count: 0
Word Count: 0

It was hard to stay motivated today, but I'm happy with all that I've accomplished! I responded to EVERY stinking email left in each of my inboxes and I even started working on various collaborations with other bloggers! In fact, I answered two different questionnaires for interviews and sent a different blogger a guest post as well!

Page Count: 123
Word Count: 0

Today was pretty productive, I must say! I was determined to finish two books this week and I made that happen! Plus, I managed to start some conversations about future collaborations with other brands and businesses! Not only that, but I worked on a couple of freelance gigs too!

Page Count: 179
Word Count: 0

Weekly Wrap-up 
Once again, I'm not too happy with this week's wrap-up. I made some good progress when it comes to my To Be Read list, but not when it comes to my writing. Unfortunately, I just wasn't in the write space to get anything done. I know where each story goes next and what I want to write, it just isn't coming out. I think it might have something to do with how I'm approaching my writing time though. Before, I used to spend a whole day writing, but now I'm just waiting until I've finished my regular tasks and don't have any energy left. So, next week, I'm going to try to spend a day over at Starbucks or Panera and hopefully watch those page counts rise!

Page Count: 557
Word Count: 0

Debut Novel Progress: 74 pages in
Second Novel Progress: 49 pages in
Third Novel Progress: 17 pages in
Anthology Progress: 4 pages in

What have you accomplished this week? Tell me in the comments!

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